• I honestly wish I could give this plugin 0 stars.

    We bought this plugin back in late December 2017. Since then I have put in support tickets twice. The first one about an issue with not being able to upload files with the Pro Plugin the second requesting a copy of the previous version of the plugin as the most up to date version will not work on our site.

    For the first ticket it was opened on January 5th and the last update on the ticket was February 1st. Our site is hosted internally so it is not view-able outside of our network in-house I told them this when I opened the ticket but they don’t seem to understand that till i explained it about 4 times. Another note, we are located in the USA where as WeDevs is in Bangladesh and there is a 12 hour time difference so I only get a single message a day from support.

    Ticket 1
    There first request was to make sure everything was up to date on the site which I did and it was. After this i was told they just released a new version and to update. I did issue was not corrected. I was then sent another version of the plugin to try it did not fix the issue. I was then sent a video on how it worked right on there site so we shouldn’t have issues so i sent the tech back my own video of it not working. During this time I am asking if there is a phone number I could call to talk to him so we can work on the issue and that question was ignored several times before i was told they did not have a phone number i could call. Eventually i get him to agree to do a teamview session so he can look at the site and see if he can correct any issues. What ensued was me staying up till 2:30 a.m. to have this tech try to install software on my computer without my consent and him complaining about how he missed his lunch trying to help me eventually I disconnected him from my machine and gave up trying to get the files tab to work.

    Ticket 2
    I now have a second ticket open with them trying to get a copy of the 2.0.0 version of Project Manager Pro as we are still on version 1.6.6 and it is not updating to the newest version correctly. The title of the ticket is “Need A zip of WP project manager PRO 2.0” and the only request in that ticket is “Please send me the ZIP file for version 2.0” that ticket was put in on July 16th. You would think that they would send me the copy of the plugin right? Wrong. They want the link to our site the FTP credentials and the admin credentials for the site. I asked for a ZIP file you don’t need this information to send me a ZIP file. It’s also asked I try to install the 2.0.1 version again I try that and it triggers a fatal error. I let the tech know that and again request the 2.0.0 version of the plugin and tell him that our site is internal so the credentials are worthless even if I gave them to him. I again am asked for the link to our site the FTP credentials and the admin credentials for the site even though I told him this site was internal. I remind him again that our site is internal and all I’m looking for is a ZIP of version 2.0.0. This morning I woke up to a reply to the support ticket calling me “Uncooperative” because I wont give him credentials that he can’t even use when all I EVER asked for was a copy of version 2.0.0.

    At this point I am regretting ever switching us to this project management software as there support doesn’t seem to care or try to understand what the customer is requesting. I DO NOT recommend this plugin or WeDevs as a company all together stay far away.

    Update 7/20/18 8:36 A.M.:
    I finally got the zip file with version 2.0.0. They also requested I change my rating as they finally sent me the files. I am still disappointed and unhappy with the support and my rating will remain the same. It should not have take 4-5 days to get this zip file when that is the only thing my ticket asked for.
    WeDevs please learn to listen to what the users are saying.

    Update 7/20/18 9:41:
    Received another email about changing my rating after letting them know they could close the ticket as I got the files I needed. It’s becoming clearer and clearer that they don’t fully read the things their users say. I am still disappointed and unhappy with the support and my rating will remain the same.

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    • This topic was modified 3 years, 2 months ago by csteffen. Reason: Update from WeDevs
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  • Akmost exactly my experience. They’re jokers. It’s a promising product that needs a truely open source alternative.

    My only hope at this stage is others don’t waste their time with them.

    Plugin Author Asaquzzaman mishu


    Hello @csteffen,

    Please accept my apology for the entire circumstance. I have checked your support tickets and it is really sad for us that you did not get the correct solution on the tickets. In your support ticket, we have already replied and you will be happy know that we have released an update for WP Project Manager which includes all the fixes. Hopefully, everything will work fine for you from this version.

    Also, we are really sorry for the inconvenience with our support section. We will be more concern about our support operation.

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