• Not a recommended plugin. Their support works like government employees, they are out the half day, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and they also leave for vacation (christmas and more). Their plugin cost me thousands of euros cause of a translation problem, which caused a great confuse between my translated links, google crawled my site and excluded 80% of my products. I try to solve this problem for a month now, their support is not trained and they cant understand my problem, they cant even control their own plugin. This problem was revealed by me accidentally. Since then i haven’t yet found the solution. They answer with one phrase and always they dont give a solution. This plugin is the worst plugin, and worst support. I am looking for another one, the only reason i am still here is the cost for a new translation of my whole site and the time needed to change to a new plugin. Do not risk your money.

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  • Plugin Support Alex


    First of all, we are sorry that you had issues with TranslatePress.

    I if indicate your ticket correctly, you received answers to every question you asked and you didn’t come up with an answer in the end.
    Our response time is around 24h within the time you open a ticket. This response time may differ due to a great load that may occur sometimes. Also, our working schedule is specified on our Open Ticket page, https://translatepress.com/support/open-ticket/, so users can approximate when they will receive an answer if they open a ticket between Friday and Sunday.

    About your issue, you need to know that we have some procedures which help us save valuable time in troubleshooting issues, that’s why questions and indications you receive in the first stage.
    Also, please understand, Google issues may occur for various reasons, because nobody knows, except Google, how their algorithms are working.

    I suggest you give us a sign to that ticket so we can continue the investigation on it.
    We are truly committed to this product — it’s one of our best. We are constantly releasing updates and since it has so many users, we are certainly not thinking about abandoning it.

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