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  • This piece of [moronic expletive] cant even send you emails when you have an order and there is NO support except forums of people [moronic expletive] about Woo Commerce and their crap not working.

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  • Moderator Jan Dembowski


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    That’s an entirely unfair review especially when you consider that this plugin only uses the existing WordPress email capabilities to deliver mail.

    When any plugin cannot send e-mail it’s either your web server is not setup correctly for SMTP, or your host enforces using their mail relay (sensible, spam is bad), or something about your host’s IP or e-mail addresses are causing the mail delivery to fail.

    When that happens you can try using a plugin to handle mail aside from the default setup.

    I’ve found that this one is no-frills and works really well with my GMail account.

    One of those may help your system deliver e-mail including mail generated by this plugin.

    Thanks for the info. However this is a very fair review. After an entire month of no solutions and countless posts on forums with no support from WOO Commerce, it is all I can say. I had a seemingly inferior cart before and it did all the simple things this “top of the line” cart cannot do.
    Spoken to my developer and he swears it not the host who sends the mail and continues to tell me its fixed and it isn’t. I don’t kknow who to believe but i do know
    WOO COMMERCE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi ReggiesRoast – Jan’s exactly right the email is completely reliant on your site and web server to be setup correctly. Our documentation is available for anyone to use and explains in detail about why emails may not be sending any why sometimes it may not even be an email issue.

    Patrick, Jan
    I have spoken to my developer about this and he INSISTS you are in correct, and I agree since our email is handle and hosted by network solutions which has absolutely nothing do do with the hosting platform.
    It seems A LOT of people have this issue, and I’ve never had any sort of problem with any other cart so why doesn’t WOO just fix this instead of passing the buck? I mean email is not that complicated as described on the woo documents. It almost seems like someone put all that nonsense there so people get tired of reading and give up.

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    @reggiesroast I posted a massive reply in this thread about what to check I don’t know if you read it.

    If it were a real bug no-one would get emails (and they do, obviously!).

    Maybe you and your developer should debug it. Find the issue, commit a fix and prove me wrong. Thats the beauty of open source.

    Mike, I read the thread, and it seems no one does get emails since there are dozens and dozens of complaints that they don’t work.
    I have done all that, and still nothing. I have checked and re checked all settings, email addresses, etc. WE got an email for the first two orders, then nothing – Like some other guy in that thread who still has no emails as we do. So it’s not so obvious that people get emails, rather more obvious that they don’t. Find me some one who’s email works and prove me wrong….
    Simply stated, why does it work and then stop and never work again. There’s obviously something very wrong and there’s no one who knows how to fix it. It is something any other shopping I’ve used cart can do, why not this one? I was told by my developer that this is the best for word press (and I love word press), but it’s unfortunate this does not work as it should.It’s like having a car but the wheels won’t turn and the mechanic just says, it’s not my problem.Just very frustrating that I am stuck having to manually write down orders from the website, when I should be able to print out a “New order” email and process it.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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