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  • The year I purchased this plugin it was made redundant. Paid hundreds of dollars and now our website which is 100% reliant on this plugin is useless. Now we are forced to re-purchase the new version for even more that the original price. No transitional strategy. No willingness to help. This is the worst plugin experience I ever had. Buy it today and be prepared to have to buy it again tomorrow. Be warned…

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    Here are some facts readers should consider:

    Rene’s purchases were made over 27 months ago in July 2015.

    In September 2015 we made the decision to rework the product architecture. We notified all of our users by email, newsletter, blog posts, and social media that they would need to upgrade to new add ons starting in 12 months. We set an official sunset date for the legacy architecture 12 months in the future: September 2016.

    A few seldom-used add on products did sunset in December 2016, none of which Rene purchased.

    We did not sunset most products until August 2017, 11 months after the original sunset date and 23 months after the initial notifications.

    During the entire transition period from September 2015 until June 2017 we offered discounts for all buyers of the legacy products for all or most of their original purchase price.

    Our current premium add ons are Power, Experience, and Premie. They have been online and fully supported with free email, forums, and Slack channel support since January 2016. They were offered for all new buyers while we continue to product patches for our entire legacy line of products. They contain all of the features that were offered in over a dozen of our legacy products, simplified into 3 main add ons. They will continue to be supported for the foreseeable future.

    Since Rene’s YouTube post 11 hours ago, his first attempt to contact us, we have been in communication with Rene by email. We have replied with details on how to downgrade and retain full functionality that he originally purchased back in July 2015 as well as the proper upgrade path if he chooses to upgrade WordPress and our base (free) product to the latest version.

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    You are still excusing yourself for bad service rather than providing it.

    However, thanks for those alternative facts.
    The real facts however are that:
    I did ask for help on this through the support section and didn’t get any reply.
    I have never been contacted with solutions other than the suggestion to purchase the new version.
    I did reach out to sort this out amicably with no reply.
    Your rebuttal has been swift in reply to my post; you should have applied this same attitude to my support enquiry.
    I purchased in July and your decided to make this redundant 2 months later. Why did you not inform your customers of this so they could have made an informed purchase decision.
    I have not received any information on downgrading to make this work again; only patronising excuses and links to buy the new version.
    I would love to downgrade so our website is functioning again! Please let me know by email…

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    I’m sure you do not care, but here is a link to your fantastic advice on the issue. I copy and paste of the email I received:


    It is to the point, I give you that much…

    There is 1 ink in it without any explanation, comment, assistance or any type of pleasantries one would expect from a help desk from a PAID SERVICE!

    This is the link in the email:

    In sort; Just upgrade and shut up!

    Thanks for the service!

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