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  • kaarlo


    Your 5-star reviews are not trustworthy. Those reviews must be a hoax from people that have not used this plugin and do not know anything about it.
    Otherwise, you have developed a quite different product today than the one that got those 5 stars.

    First, I tried the free plugin and after I set some settings, I got a 500-error on the website when I was using wysiwyg-mode for this Tabs plugin. So I had to delete it.

    Then I thought that maybe the paid version would work better. But no, it did not. Only more confusing. The UI is one of the worst I have seen. Looks like made by a child.
    You have to set a lot of things in the very long right column. Then color-settings also appears in the body copy area. Very confusing as the others are in the right column.

    When I saw the row of support topics with no replies, now 7 pages, I understood that I had to write a review and maybe save someone from being cheated.

    How can you mislead people as you do in your widget? When I open your widget in the chosen widget-area, it says in the Widget Title field “Tabs Pro Shortcode”. Why? Then the shortcode will become the headline for the widget. The first time it did for me, as I followed your guidance. Why do you say that the shortcode should be read in front-end? Very confusing.

    In the next line in the widget, it says Select Tabs (Required). The Tabs to choose between in the drop-down menu are the headlines you wrote when creating the tabs setup. This is exactly what should have been written in the Widget Title, where you suggested the shortcode.

    I would have liked to enclose a screen-dump, but I could not find a way to do it. Then everybody could see how ridiculous and misleading it looks.

    [personal attacks redacted by moderator]

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