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  • I bought elementor pro in sunday. since then all i see is erros and strange things. Suport answers are short and not concluive and dont solve anything. now, after the upgrade, in mobile view i see the video playing ! and the fallback image at same time. Yestarday they told, that the video cant play in mobile….. I had sent all the information needed, but nothing ….. Now, in edit section, if i choose style, then advandced, all options disapeared, even if you go to style or layout. In ie and edge, the video does not load, it stays in the fallback image


    There are plenty more errors that made this the worst thing i have experienced since i use wordpress.

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  • Plugin Author ArielK


    Sorry about the inconvenience, we just released a new patch for this issue, please update to v1.7.11 and let me know if it solve your problem.

    Instead of developing more features… How about making the ones work that don’t. I’m seeing a consistent ignoring of errors and then developing more features. When you buy pro elementor you would expect it to work. Try exporting a page. Then import that same page. You can’t. This is just one of the many issues that I’ve had. Great plugin when it works.

    Thats the real thuth!
    I have open issues, that dont have a solution, neither a answer.
    A answer is the least, that you can do, even if you sell things that dont do what is expected.

    the error load is Elementor’s most famous bug.
    but it don’t have seen it since many months now.
    at the beginning we HAVE TO duplicate each page we were working on, with the “duplicate post” plugin.

    the MOST common issue is the not enough memory allocated by PHP, with 256M it is perfect for elementor and other must have plugins. i hope that one day, dev will log that so common issue right into elementor panel, that will save a enormous part of irritation.


    Thanks for your reply.

    Is very good to find people that can give better answera than elementor staff.
    By other words, I was cheated, and bought something that is trash!

    Do you use a minifer Js / CSS?
    I had this problem and I changed the optimization extension and since no problem.

    Hi momo,

    I dont use nothing.
    Basic tweetyseventeen, with no other plugins.
    Should i use any?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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