• There is a lot of work behind WPML but they dont understand how people manage websites.

    Update : changed from 1* to 3* because even WPML is very frustrating, they still do a lot of updates and evolutions.

    Also they dont listen to the bugs we took time to explain to them in their support platform and say it’s not bug. For example you need to guess in which language are displayed the product attributes in the backoffice, sometimes it’s in language 1, sometime in language 2 ; without any chance to change language or even know which language is used.

    WPML options are absolutely not clear, you have different ways to do the same things with different results, WPML is a nightmare for every single of my customers/websites managers.

    I tried another WordPress translation plugin which was recommended to me : LocoTranslate, and it’s a pleasure to work with this, though I did not test this with WooCommerce yet.

    I hope somebody will build a WordPress translation plugin as powerful as WPML but really usable, because the only thing we want to do when working with WooCommerce+WPML is to delete the entire website and use another CMS.

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  • Plugin Author Mihai Grigori


    Thank you for your honest thoughts @doobeedoo

    We’d be extatic if we could make everyone happy. As proven here this is a huge challenge.

    One thing that makes us stand out (among others) is that we doing our best to help our clients through.

    I’m guessing you don’t need this now. But if you do, we would be happy to assist with any difficulties that you may still have.

    We’re also going to take your critics into consideration for the future development.


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