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  • Figure out how to use it properly and you won’t have the problem. Check the options in your setting page for the plugin and make sure you did not cause the damage yourself.

    I feel a little unhappy with your comment cause this by far is the most significant and totally functional plugin have used on wordpress and I think Xnau deserves all the credit he can get from users to encourage him. If you can’t at least put some dollar in the pot please be nice. Check the reviews and see for yourself.

    I understand your point.
    Before i made this rating, i previously (one year ago i think) rated it 5 stars.
    I used it a lot and it was really really helpful.

    But today it really deleted all my uploads of another site when deleting a copy.
    Sure the comment and note were coming from instant hate caused from the data loss..
    I agree with your point, and shouldn’t have reacted like this.

    I use multisite subfolder configuration.
    Perhaps the plugin didn’t like that i used ‘2014perf’ as the url of the copy of ‘2014’ website, or whatever.. should have backed-up

    I’ll change my rating to 3 or 4 saying the plugin could perhaps list what will be deleted (list of files / tables) before it is actually deleted in the free version.

    Anyway i see that my comment has been replaced by an advertising ?

    Plugin Author Never Settle


    Very sorry to hear about the data loss. Did you check if your host could restore those folder(s) from a back-up? Most hosts keep automatic file system backups – some even on a rotating basis (daily, weekly, etc). Use the ID of the of the site that lost the uploads to figure out the path to restore (or just have them restore the whole uploads folder to a separate temporary folder and then you should be able to find what you need.

    Secondly, that should have never happened, but is theoretically possible if something altered the uploads path. Basically, the site you deleted was sharing the same uploads path in its settings as the other site whose files also got wiped out. Technically, this is a WordPress function. When you delete the site, WP looks to see where that site is storing its uploads and then deletes the files too.

    We’ve never seen this happen before on any release of the cloner, but want to do our best to make sure it would never happen again. It would be kind of hard to display a warning before delete, because again that is a WordPress function to delete a site and has nothing to do with the cloner.

    But, we’d really appreciate being able to review your logs from when you cloned the 2014perf site under /wp-content/plugins/ns-cloner-site-copier to see if we can figure out what went wrong. If you’re willing to send those over, you can get them to us here:

    If you’re using a theme that alters the normal WP uploads path / structure that could have also been a factor. For example, gallery managers, download managers, etc. We can try to figure out if the Cloner played a role in uploads folder path sharing the same path as the original site (highly unlikely), but it’s possible there was some other culprit that led to the files getting deleted.

    Regardless, we’re super sorry and know that sucks, and would like to see if there’s anything we can do to make sure it doesn’t happen to someone else. Any other details you can provide if/when you submit the logs would be awesome. Exact paths, any other quirks you might have noticed, whatever…


    i would like to apologize for the bad review, and the delay in my answer.
    And thank you for your support.

    I’m the own host, so i had backups, but just a bit too old, a part of the files in question were too fresh. Anyway the person responsible for the content is organized well and had copies, so no problem at all.

    Even as a sysadmin, there’s always a time (in non-critical missions) where i click too fast or doesn’t take the necessary precautions (had few sleep on top of that)…

    It has effectively something to do with the upload path, and what you say about site delete as a core function is completely true, but was so upset things weren’t very clear in my head anymore…

    When i have time (in a few hours / days) i’ll redo the manipulation and send you the logs, since i could recreate the problem everytime (after making a backup of course 🙂

    Please note that my environment is completely special, and i know it’s not supported ‘officially’.

    Nginx Reverse Proxy + Nginx Backend in a VM + WordPress Multisite Subfolder Config + wordpress root in a subfolder + admin ssl + frontend plain http

    The part about wpmu in a subfolder is not supported / is not feasible according to everyone, i suspect the corresponding config caused the problem.

    To give you an insight, just after cloning, the copied site has the same url as the old site, and its specific admin isn’t accessible (points to the original) until i modifiy the ‘site_url’ and ‘home’ options. it’s clear, even if have i not verified, that the new site upload url is also set to the original one, thus explaining the file deletion.

    As stated before i suspect my config / url rewrites caused the problem.

    If you want i can share these with you.

    thanks for everything

    ps: review will only half-update, i have put back a 4-star rating, but the old title and comment stays 🙁

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    Thank you for providing additional info / insight. And again – really sorry for the frustrations. We totally relate to that when things go wrong.

    We are still only seeing this as a 1-star rating, but if it won’t update, we understand.

    The other thing to check in the fields besides home and site url is upload path. Based on your experience, our gears are turning on how to do a automatically do double-check on that value after cloning to ensure that it makes sense.

    Any info you provide in the future would be much appreciated, but no obligation. You can send to if you find the time.


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