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  • Never in my life have I encountered a piece of SW that is as horrendous as Caldera Form. It’s just bottom fishing at every level.

    If you need a form maker for WP, use Gravity! Don’t abuse yourself with Caldera.

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    @studiocardo, You need to provide a description of your experience. Don’t name call and then recommend an alternative plugin

    To waste more of my time? Fine, let me share with you why Caldera should be avoided.

    First of all, Caldera form wouldn’t save. It saves as I specified and then once I exited and then return to that plugin after tending to other plugs or whatnot, the work is gone. I thought it was maybe my hosting environment, but I replicated the problem on my MAMP setup as well. I lost more than 4 hours of work. That’s a fatal flaw.

    And any help from Caldera? Of course not, I understand I was using the free version so I don’t get priority support (and it’s been >3days and I still haven’t heard from Caldera). So fine, I’m used to working with open source SW and I am comfortable with researching through forum for past discussions, and how well did Caldera do in this setup? Poorly too. They There was a similar discussion like my case from 10 months ago where users were scrambling to find solution for themselves. And with ZERO input from Caldera. I’ve worked with enough SW to know that Caldera has no clue on how to support users.

    What else? The multi-page tutorial on YouTube is an incoherent joke. The UI and organization of information on their website is bewildering, inconsistent, and hard to find. Everything about it is amateurish. I only started using Caldera because it’s the “preferred” form creator for Code Monkey’s HIPAA Form. But what a nightmare it has been, nothing but aggravation and frustration.

    Caldera might have been good in the past, but it looks like the developers are busy with their day jobs and the Caldera Form is a side gig for them.

    So, that’s my experience with Caldera.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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