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  • yuriconalc


    I remember the day I first got online in 1990. We had Gopher, BBSs and other text based communication. None of it was intuitive, but a moment or two with the text command list and the world opened up. Since then I have learned how to work dozens, if not hundreds, of interfaces and, having attempted for several weeks to become comfortable with it, I have to ask what is Gutenberg even supposed to be?

    It’s not an “editor.” Editors allow creators to create, to format, to arrange and style thing they way they want. Gutenberg serves as a kind of restraint on all of that, adding in unwanted, useless code that has to be stripped out before anything can be done. Adding media is a nightmare. Categories sometimes work, often times don’t. And forget setting up promotion and saving, you can’t do that until you hit “Publish”? Why?

    I don’t know who sold you on the “block” concept, but it ought to be an option, not the default. It now takes twice as long to create a post than it did on the classic editor (which I have now restored through plugin.)

    One star is being generous. A blank page require typed code is less cludgy than this mess. Thanks for taking us back 15 years in web design. I might as well dig out my old WYSIWYG HTML editor and use that, at least it made sense.

    In 30+ years of being online, Gutenberg is the worst interface I have ever encountered.

    If you have any sense, you’ll make Gutenberg an option, but leave the perfectly sensible classic editor as default.

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  • novem


    I agree…that Gutenberg should be just an option. It’s just a relief that some people created the Classic Editor plugin. The huge number of downloads is a strong message to the Gutenberg proponents/designers.

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    And to make WordPress lighter, Gutenberg can be offered as just a Plugin.

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