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  • I have been with WordPress pretty much since the start, when it was just a new Blog option.

    Gutenberg is flipping in his grave at this atrocity using his name.

    Everyone I know well uses some method of disabling Gutenberg editor. We do not like it. It is not intuitive. It requires more time to do rather basic things over TinyMCE.

    Forcing it on people = NOT COOL!

    Just stop. Seriously.

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  • Thanks for taking the time to leave a review. What are some things that you’ve tried doing in the block editor that take more time/effort than in the classic editor? Specific info like this can help us improve the efficiency and user experience of the editor.

    I can’t answer for him, but I can tell you the things that are harder for me:
    Writing paragraphs
    Editing paragraphs
    Writing headlines
    Editing headlines
    Adding links
    Editing links
    Inserting images
    Formatting images
    Editing HTML
    Formatting posts
    Literally 100% of the things I do related to blog posts are more difficult, more time consuming, and produce a noticeably worse result when using Gutenberg. I know you guys work hard, so I don’t want to give negative feedback for the sake of it. But honestly, this is bad enough that if it’s the way of the future, I’ll need to consider switching platforms.

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