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  • Why?

    Did you for one second think about the millions of custom made websites that were built around the old editor? Hundreds of hours of development time for custom fields and adaptions, workarounds and whatnot. At least 10.000 of plugins developed solely for the purpose of subsidize the classic editor. Life’s & careers built upon that.

    How did you imagine this would go down? For us devs at least.

    “hey, a great new editor, lets just rewrite the last 50 themes and websites we made from fn scratch.” – “But Bob, will those customers pay us again?” – “Of course they will!”

    Don’t be so negative it’s built upon *enter buzzword framework*. Who wouldn’t want it?

    I tell you who wouldn’t want it: Apparently more than 1000 hard working devs and their customer, that’s only counted by the 1-star reviews here.

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  • Sounds like you aren’t happy about the changes to the WordPress editor! If you still prefer the classic editor, you can always opt to use the Classic Editor Plugin.

    Gutenberg has been (and continues to be) worked on by a team of dedicated people, and you are welcome report bugs or suggest enhancements! If you want to give the block editor another try, you are welcome to leave us more input here that we can pass on to the team. Or, if you use GitHub, you’re always welcome report issues or make suggestions there:

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