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  • I posted a bug in the Pro version in May 2017.

    As normal, the next two weeks I was kept busy by customer support, providing them with an abundance of information and performing basically the main part of the debugging by isolating the problem. Finally it was admitted that it was a genuine bug on their side.

    This was the last I heard until I reopened the ticket a few months later. Again, no response, no support. Now it’s February 2018…

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  • Plugin Author Barry


    I’m sorry to hear that, @itctd.

    Perhaps I can check up on this for you and see what went wrong — can you link me to the relevant help desk ticket?

    Here is the original thread that states the problem.

    Fact is that the weekly view, which is the only reason I purchased the Pro version in the first place, is not working on mobile phones. I don’t understand how this can be of such little concern to you.

    Plugin Author Barry


    Thanks, Thomas – I’ve elevated the priority on that bug, thank you for flagging it.

    I don’t understand how this can be of such little concern to you.

    All bugs are concerning to us, but we do need to prioritize carefully as our resources are finite.

    Several factors come into play in that process including, is a working alternative available? In this case there is because, so far as I understand it, the main week view is immune to this problem. We also look at how many user reports are attached to the bug ticket (at least until fairly recently, very few in this case).

    I fully understand your frustration, though, and it’s far from ideal for a bug to remain outstanding for this length of time. We’ll see what we can do to move this along.

    Hi Barry

    I’m not sure what you mean by “the main week view is immune to this problem”. It’s simply not working on mobile phones. I don’t know of any working alternative. Are mobile phones considered less important?

    Plugin Author Barry


    Sorry for any confusion.

    When I refer to the main week view, I mean week view when not embedded via a shortcode, for example:

    Unless I’ve misunderstood the problem, it behaves appropriately when viewed through smaller viewports such as mobile devices — it’s only when week view is accessed or embedded via the [tribe_events] shortcode that this breaks down.

    Are mobile phones considered less important?

    Not at all, they’re extremely important. We’ve worked hard to make our views work on handheld devices where possible, but there are some areas like the one you have identified where this unfortunately isn’t the case and more work is needed.

    In an ideal world we would have progressed this bug before now. However, for a number of reasons such as those I already detailed, we’ve judged other bugs to be of greater importance for a larger number of users and, regrettably, that has resulted in this one sitting in the queue for a longer period than might be optimal.

    Thanks, I understand now what you meant by “main view”. I might thus consider making this particular view the main view and embed other views via shortcode.

    However, I am not working on that for now, so if you come up with a fix sooner, that workaround will hopefully not be necessary.

    Plugin Author Barry


    Agreed! I’ve elevated the priority of the corresponding bug ticket accordingly.

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