• They are located in Africa so they don’t work when we need their help during the day here in the US. I had to wait a whole day to get 1 short answer. They couldn’t help with anything. This plugin doesn’t work. I tried adding text and it kept saying area is empty. Tried over 100 times. Wasted a whole week trying to figure out how it works and you can’t add any fonts unless they are google fonts. I am asking for a refund and buying a different plugin.

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    We appreciate your taking the time to make a comment but it would have been preferable if it was a fair one. You reached out for assistance after several days of trying to set up the plugin, without the use of the guide, and without any expertise of wordpress and woocommerce. You showed appreciation after we took time (out of business hours) to put you through. Your issues were sorted out excluding the printing questions, which are (obviously) beyond the scope of our plugin.

    We cannot be blamed for what you went through because:

    – you did not take the time to review the accompanying guide – you claimed you did not even “see it” when you unzipped the plugin download. But they were included not only in the plugin zip file but also in the plugin menu itself as everyone can see here http://prntscr.com/lah5q7. Yes, there is also a Getting Started page but looks like you did not see it either. Many of the errors you encountered were already treated within it, yet we took the time to explain to you. Total cost: 4 support members, 4 tickets, 10 days and 128 messages exchanged.

    – The guide contained detailed instructions to help anyone set up the plugin to fit a customer’s needs. We cannot help it if you don’t have the expertise to do this, but even then, we did our best, going as far as to liaise with other clients to get answers to the questions that were obviously beyond the scope of our plugin.

    – your server did not meet the requirements we made readily available. And that was stated clearly in the dashboard. Looks like you missed that too.

    – your timezone was different from ours. We run a business, during business hours, something that our other successful 3200+ clients respect and appreciate. Despite this, we took time to help you (sometimes into the dead of the night and weekend). Our location should have no bearing on your experience or comment because it raises a needless bias and prejudice.

    We know that there is no way we can satisfy every single client. We are constantly putting measures in place to serve better. We have already approved your refund request and wish you the best of luck.

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