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  • There is no walkthrough to set this plugin up properly — I had to do a search in YouTube to find a tutorial that would help.

    Between enabling the CDN (I use my amazon cloudfront account) as well as minify took my speed from 6s to 44+ seconds … UM NO.

    It did have me an A grade using GTmetrix and a 94 in scoring with PingTools but my blogsite loadtime was HORRENDOUS!!! How I got an A and 94/100 with a 44 second speed, I haven’t the faintest o.O It’s quite perplexing.

    This plugin is NOT userfriendly unless you are VERY WELL versed in caching and how it works. I would say it sin’t not a even good for advanced users if you don’t know what you are doing.

    I’m very sad because my hosting company recommended this caching plugin after 2+ months of hell — and it still has not helped my blogsite in any way, shape or form. It’s only made it worse.

    It does not play well with many plugins and it doesn’t play well with my current theme. I am not going to stop using my plugins that I have used for 2+ years for a caching plugin that obviously is causing MULTITUDE of issues for many on a DAILY basis — and the there just doesn’t seem to be ANY response for the authors.

    Deactivated, deleted and moving on!
    signed —
    Extremely Disappointed

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