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  • sent you my details 🙂
    cool idea podz!

    And you are up on the map ……. 🙂
    I forgot to add – please check your dot on the map and let me know if you got the numbers the wrong way around …. after all, you could well *be* blogging from a laptop while rowing the Pacific 🙂

    What’s this for? Is this a directory or something?

    Fun really ….
    I think that Geoblog is a cool site, plus I have done a similar thing for my links from my blog (instructions for that are in the above wiki link).
    I’m a fan of random blog-hopping – which is why I use Geoblog – but I also like to see other WP sites. This can do both.

    podz: you are having a lot of fun with that thing aren’t you?

    Heh – yup 🙂
    I’d like one for the UK, but I cannot, despite many many hours hunting, find a map that has the right data.
    In the end though, most people like links to their blog, and for new visitors to happen across their site too, and that’s all this is for – to see who is where and to click to visit.
    World linkage 🙂

    podz, I think I have something for you, hope to see you on #wordpress sometime, so I can let you have the works 🙂
    Thanks for adding mine already.

    @globalguy – you are right at the bottom – the icy South Pole !
    C’mon people – send me your info !!

    podz, you might want to set the timeinterval to less than what it is right now…

    It’s set to 1 – the lowest
    If I set it to zero, then it waits while it loads them all, then chucks them out all at once. That’s why I made it display the latest entries first.
    Still quite funky though 🙂

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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