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  • Hey.

    I have never been here since I am on blogger.
    I blog here:
    There is a WP blog that is ripping my entries (probably to draw attention to his creepy links in his side-bar).
    Is there a way to deal with this? Can I contact WP to check this blog out:
    and hopefully take it down?

    If it had been a blogger-blog I’d know ways to deal with crooks and trolls like that. But what about WP?
    Please advice me.

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  • I doubt wordpress can do anything. Asking them to intervene would be just like you asking the php people to intervene.

    Maybe he’s getting your content from your feeds ? If so, can you blacklist his ip ?

    If he’s just copy/paste’ing your content, there’s not much you can do (from a technical point of view).

    take a look at this…it might help…

    WOW… now that is a splog. Unfortunately there isn’t much any one here can do… it’s hosted on a third party which would be beyond anyone’s control here. That’s some pretty blatant ripping off there. I tried to see if there was at least a contact info or not… naturaly there isn’t.

    You could try sending an email to the admin @ the web address, or a reverse look up to see who the host is and contact them.

    Other than that…. there’s not a lot at this point.


    Try tracking down his IP number, and from that maybe you can discover his ISP. Reporting him to his ISP is the first thing to do.

    WordPress as such really hasn’t any responsibility for how people choose to use the software (or, apparently in this case, misuse it….)

    Without contact info, there’s no way to ask him to cease and desist…. y’know though, there was something about a splogreporter site a while back. Try using google and see if you can find somewhere like that to report him.

    Thank you all for your very nice advices.
    I guess I knew that WP can’t do anything since he is hosted 3rd party.
    But I needed your input and advices. I will look around.

    The most irritating thing is that my blog is filed under ‘Contributor’.
    I will get him. Sooner or later.

    Thank you.

    Let us know how it goes, okay? And you might want to look into Copyscape….




    La Costa Strada 22
    Rome, NA 33-533

    Domain name: XJKUEBM.COM

    Administrative Contact:
    Bufoni, Allesandro
    La Costa Strada 22
    Rome, NA 33-533
    Technical Contact:
    Bufoni, Allesandro
    La Costa Strada 22
    Rome, NA 33-533

    Registration Service Provider:
    Everyones Internet,

    I’d suggest you send a note to and ask them to intervene.

    skippy – Like WOW. How did you do that. Are you a wizzard? I’m an amateur…
    I will do as you say. At least in a day or two. I left a couple of comments on that blog today for “moderation”. I think it’s fair if I wait for an answer.

    And THANK YOU!

    Heh. Yup, I’d like to know myself. Seems I missed a few lessons somewhere along the way….

    I noticed that the properties for the photos are the same for both sites. Since it is , a blogger site, I am assuming you put those photos up.

    I had someone do this to me once on an EBay listing. Copied my ENTIRE EBay listing and pasted it right on theirs and sold the same thing. They were using MY images from MY server! I was furious!

    So… I changed all the images on my server that she was pointing to. They now all said “This listing was hijacked! I am illegally using these photos!” Each image also included a short explanation, and was followed by the correct image, now at a different URL.

    Needless to say, that person’s listings were taken down immediately!

    So if your moderated comment is not posted, then post a comment of your own! Sure, they can still get around it, but you can at least use one of those right click blocking scripts to make them work a bit harder…

    Kathy. hmmpf!

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Check the tools down on the left.
    Look yourself up 🙂

    Okay, thanks. Do I WANT to look me up? *laughing*

    podz – Ah. That page will be useful. Thanks.

    Yes, there are several “whois” services (if you google).
    This one also reveals the guy 🙂

    You guys are great! Maybe I should think about packing my stuff and move into a WorldPress blog.

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