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  • Okay, so I got tired of waiting for another popular blogging program to release its latest version, so I tried out WordPress. Wow! Great program and just what I need without a lot of stuff that I don’t. So I stopped using my old blogging software and launched the new version of World of Psychology at:

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  • ahem ahem… i get the feeling u want to be a part of the MT Switchers. 🙂

    Ah! A topical blog. Welcome to wordpress. Your blog is pleasant and easy to read (except for the headers in the right menu, which are a light gray – No Biggie.)

    Fixed, thanks for the feedback! I was actually using my own previous creation to post entries, but it was getting too hard to maintain and was standards-compliant with nada….

    Groovy! Interesting-looking blog.

    nice site. i like the colours, which are no doubt meant to calm my brain activity, given the subject matter ;o) One thing I noticed (on IE6, Windows 2000) is that the header for your posts looks a bit jumbled, like a dot matrix printer that’s running out of ribbon. Apart from that, it’s solid.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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