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    Horrible experience trying to get this plugin to work correctly with PayPal. I already have 2 accounts with paypal and this plugin kept trying to get me to create a new account, but then it offers a LOGIN link if you do in fact have an account already with paypal. I clicked on this for days and same mess. Paypal, through this plugin doesn’t seem to allow me to sign in and use my business accounts. I have to go to PayPal to login and that way works fine. Not with this plugin.

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    Hey @webguy411 !

    I share your frustration here with how difficult it is to set up GiveWP with PayPal’s newest API. We’re actively working with PayPal currently to resolve some of the pain points (some of them are resolvable from our side, and some of them require PayPal to make some changes).

    One thing (which we are working to make more clear) is that if your site is in GiveWP test mode, then clicking on the “connect to PayPal” button is actually taking you to PayPal’s sandbox to log in. So if you want to connect to a live PayPal account, you have to toggle GiveWP’s test mode to “disabled” before clicking that button to connect to PayPal.

    We’re also making a handful of other changes to the onboarding process with PayPal to make things more seamless.

    It’s not much consolation for someone who has wrestled with the current implementation, but I do want you to know that we’re aware of the problems, and fixing as many of them as we can from our side.

    PayPal is a large and complicated beast, and we’ve not had much historical success in even getting their development team’s attention. As recently as the last couple of months we were given access to an internal team there where we can ask questions, and actually get knowledgable answers. We’re putting those answers to use in making some needed updates, hopefully soon.

    As you mentioned, Stripe works flawlessly, and has the added bonus of clearly logging errors and other problems so that if something does arise it’s easily resolved. I wish that were the case with PayPal.

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    So, is there anybody there who can help get this plugin connected with my PayPal account? Do you have other users who have successfully connected to their PayPal? I don’t mind paying a fee if someone there can connect for me. We really want to offer PayPal and don’t want to find another plugin if we don’t have to. Thanks.


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