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  • Requirement: Whilst building a v2.0 of an eCommerce site, I needed to take the historical order information and place it into the new site. I wanted something light and simple to use.

    Installation: Super simple, no confusing settings or configurations etc.

    Exporting Orders: This process worked flawlessly (from the plugin’s perspective), the memory allocation it wanted being too much for my VPS at the time. Resolving the issue was very simple, however. Breaking the export out into 500 orders at a time worked a treat!

    Importing Orders: This is where my issue with the plugin came along. I’m in Australia, and as difficult as it is to believe, American’s are the only ones that use mm-dd-yyyy as their date format. This caused issues on import, as although both WP sites had their date format set correctly, it was importing the order dates as mm-dd-yyyy, meaning that any orders processed after the 12th of each month, would fail.

    • Solution: After exporting your orders to a .csv, open it in Excel and format the order_date column (C in my case) with the custom format: dd-mm-yyyy h:mm – after this change, importing the orders into the new site went as smoothly as you could hope!

    Final Thoughts: As an Australian, and really, anyone that’s not in the US, it would be super-duper awesome if devs stopped using mm-dd-yyyy as the standard date format… literally one Country on the planet uses that; it causes issues, please stop. Other than that, this plugin is great. It does what it says on the box and there’s no annoyance or complex config to using it – 5/5 would recommend.</p>

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  • As someone from the UK, your solution helped me immensely, thank you!

    Would be great if they could implement a fix for this.

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    @tdcuk glad I could help! It really is a lifesaver plugin, just that pesky date format!

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