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  • Got it working in the end, with substantial effort. I feel like this plugin is good in theory, but flawed in several key ways.

    1.) The set up is complex and not intuitive. Even as an experienced WordPress developer I needed to go back and forth between my site, Eventbrite and at least 3 different sets of installation instructions which for some odd reason are not compiled into one official and easily identifiable place. Got there in the end… but the effort just doesn’t feel worth the reward

    2.) As others have mentioned, it does not get new Eventbrite events automatically. You have to manually disconnect and reconnect constantly. How annoying. And a time sink because it wasn’t mentioned clearly in the docs.

    3.) The difference from Eventbrite’s own widget does not seem worth the trouble IMO unless you had a very large number of events and didn’t want to manage the listing text in two places. For a single event Eventbrite’s embedable widget is a much easier and quicker way to achieve the same end result.

    4.) I would really love to have seen screenshots and/or demo of this before going to all this effort. A small peeve…. but after spending an hour or so getting this working only to find it was not the best solution for my use-case it really leaves a bad taste. Sorry guys.

    Tips for other users

    • Create your events in Eventbrite first, THEN connect Eventbrite account. Otherwise the plugin can’t get the events and it will show nothing.
    • Make sure your Eventbrite events are PUBLIC
    • If you do add new events or change event settings you’ll need to manually delete then re-add Eventbrite in Tools > Keyring. This forces it to get the new events manually.
    • Take a look at Eventbrite’s own widgets as an alternative option for simple single event integration.
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  • Thanks for the heads up! Seems like making a good plugin could be a worthwhile investment for Eventbrite, but until then, I’ll either use the widgets as you suggest, or just go with another option altogether.

    Appreciate the clear review!

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