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works with blogger?

  • vardaman77

    Hi. Newbie, and possibly lazy if not just nervous, question.
    I tried downloading Zempt, and at other times SharpMT and something else. I forget the problem with the latter ones, just now, but with Zempt, the client was unable to locate the server for my blog when I entered my info into a new account for the client (blog’s address, if it may shed light: http://vardaman.blogspot.com).
    I suspected that maybe blogger.com doesn’t support offline editing and posting. Is this true? If so, there’s no point fiddling around with–or rather: getting upset at trying to figure out–how to make it work, since it can’t. It: not simply Zempt as a client, but any offline editor, like (what I understand WordPress) to be this client as well.
    Thanks in advance!

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  • WordPress isn’t an offline editor. It’s a blogging system that you load on a webserver. To put it another way, WordPress is an alternative to blogger.com. Though I’ve never used blogger.com; it’s my understanding that the w.bloggar is good offline editor that works with blogger.com

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