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  • G-Olly


    Justin Sainton, it really is great that you and others work so hard to make Open-source software available and I appreciate this. The thing is the developers of this plugin should really take note of the stars and reviews. Labelling them (gonna hate) is neither fair nor productive, Instinct are receiving these reviews for a reason and these will result in the platforms success or failure, no matter what you name them. I think most WordPress users are aware of the need for continued development of software platforms and the support that goes along with it but the Instinct system seems disjointed and not user friendly.

    I have used WP e-commerce for a long time and have paid for the Gold Cart plugin that extends it’s use. With the continued release of updates to the core, that are frequently buggy, I often just have a simple question that could be answered by a developer in one sentence. Paying $47 dollars each time seems well over the odds. I understand that answering over 2 million users for gratis is not feasible. Maybe a tier system that could separate the level of assistance required would be a solution. Perhaps making each release a lot more stable would also be an option. I know this would mean longer development times and this might mean making the core files purchasable.

    WP E-commerce will always be compared to Woocommerce as they are the nearest competitor. At the moment they are considered by many to be the superior. I for one agree, having used both, I hope that Instinct can rectify these problems before it makes a serious impact on the platforms usage.

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