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    I’m using a free CyberChimps template on a site hosted by GoDaddy. I installed the plugin (1.12.1) and it works well while I am logged into the site. When I sign off nothing appears. I have tried changing the verify SSL, regenerated the access token, cleared the cash, and modified the privacy level on the Linkedin account.

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  • Plugin Author Claude Vedovini


    Are you using a cache plugin, like W3 Total Cache?

    Thanks for the reply, I have been out of contact for a week. I am not using a cache plugin. I do have Jetpack if that includes a cache.

    I deactivated Jetpack, Go Daddy setup, and played with the WP Linkedin options and come up with the same results.

    Plugin Author Claude Vedovini


    if you don’t have any error message showing up in your Dashboard it probably means you have a cache issue at some level.

    do you have the url of page where you put the shortcode?

    I am experiencing the same issues after applying the latest update. Everything was working just fine prior to applying the update. Now the only time that anyone can see my LinkedIn profile is if they are logged into my site as an admin.

    jongiles99, unfortunately I was not able to see your linked in profile in any of my browsers. Here is mine… (now)

    When I deactivate and delete the plugin, the page does display the [li_profile] short code as text on the page. Reinstall and activate the plugin and the [li_profile] disappears. I have even disabled all other plugins to see if any one of them could be causing the issue. It still did not work.

    Again, everything was working just fine last month, before I applied the update. (Feb 9th, 2014) (performance report)

    ggeoffre, I cannot see your LinkedIn profile either. I have received a couple [WP LinkedIn] Invalid or expired access token emails which I have responded.

    I have now received two today: The access token for the WP LinkedIn plugin is either invalid or has expired, please click on the following link to renew it.

    The access token has been successfully updated.

    Still not joy.


    Plugin Author Claude Vedovini


    You both have the same problem, you don’t have a valid token.

    This problem is usually due to a misconfigured object cache when using W3 Total Cache. When you are logged in the cache is not used but once logged off the cache is used but there’ s nothing in it.

    The solution is usually to disable object caching.

    Plugin Author Claude Vedovini


    If you don’t use W3 Total Cache I suggest you deactivate all the other plugins, see if it works (you will probably have to renew the token at this point) and if it works then reactivate the plugins one by one to see which on is interfering

    The token must be valid, as everything works as it should when previewing a draft page you are editing or viewing a published page when accessing the site logged in as an admin. Log out of your WP account and it no longer seems to work.

    When I access the site, I do see the error message in the output HTML <!– No token or token has expired. –>, but this error message does not appear when accessing the site when logged is as admin. Everything works perfectly when logged in to WP as admin, and viewing the site.

    I have Safari on two different systems accessing the site A & B. I log on to WP with system A and I can see the LinkedIn content just fine. I log out on system B and try to access the site, I cannot see the LinkedIn content, I get the error message in the output HTML. I reverse things by logging out of WP on system A and I can no longer see the LinkedIn content when accessing the site, just the error message. I then log into WP on system B and I can see all of the LinkedIn content just fine. Very strange…

    I have regenerated my access token multiple times, deactivated and activated the plugin multiple times, removed and installed the plugin multiple times, and even deactivated all other plugins. Nothing seems to be working at the moment.

    Is there any way that the token is only accessible when the site is accessed by someone who is logged in as admin?

    Plugin Author Claude Vedovini


    It’s typically what happens when object caching is activated but only for non-logged in users.

    The plugin uses the WP transient API to store the token. That API behaves differently wether there’s an object cache or not. When there is no object cache the data is stored in the options table.

    If object caching is activated for non-logged in users only, the token is stored in the options table when you regenerate it (because you are logged in) and, when not logged in, the transient API looks into the object cache (and it’s obviously not there since it’s been stored in the options table)

    Make sure you don’t have any object cache activated. May be your host activated it somehow, what host are you using?

    Plugin Author Claude Vedovini


    ok, I just released version 1.12.2 that is not using the Transient API any more, so it should solve your problems.

    Yes, that seems to have done the trick. However…

    I noticed that the fix was intermittent. Meaning with each page refresh I would either see or not see the LinkedIn content. Typically when things like that happen, it is due to some sort of proxy or caching server that sits between the browser and the server.

    I am using GoDaddy’s new WordPress hosting solution for this particular site. It started out working once every ten refreshes, then once every four, and so on. After resetting my browsers and refreshing the page several times, I now believe that the site is functioning properly.

    To the best of my knowledge, I am not using any sort of cache plugin on my WordPress site. I found in the past that using such plugins broke many of my dynamic elements on my page. So if there is a cache involved, it is one that I am not familiar with and don’t exactly know how to turn off.

    Plugin Author Claude Vedovini


    Like you, I guess they have some sort of front web caching and I bet they also implemented an object cache directly in PHP

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