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  • Dear SiteGround,

    We hope you will accept this as constructive feedback.

    What We Like About SGO:

    1. Beautiful user interface.
    2. Easy to use.
    3. Decent amount of features.
    4. Great customer support.

    What We Don’t Like About SGO:

    1. Unable to custom purge cache (by URL) via built-in user interface (lacking feature).
    2. When we enable Memcached, our website actually slows down (verified by SG).
    3. When we enable Memcached and visit the plugin’s Dashboard section, our WP Site Health Status score breaks (verified by SG).
    4. When we enable Combine CSS Files and Preload Combined CSS, the resulting SG CSS file is always render-blocking (verified by SG). With Perfmatters, we never have this issue.
    5. Unable to remove Unused CSS (lacking feature).
    6. The Speed Test module is not reliable. Most of the time, it’s unable to connect with Google’s servers (verified by SG). Also, we always have to run the speed test twice — one for desktop results and one for mobile results. Best to obtain all results at once with one click (same as PageSpeed Insights).
    7. The option to connect SGO to Cloudflare is scheduled to be removed (verified by SG). Taking away what we’ve been using for over two years is not a good thing.
    8. The Lazy Load Media feature is not as efficient or easy to use compared to other plugins. It does not allow the user to exclude images simply using the image URL (lacking feature). We use Perfmatters instead.
    9. While useful, the plugin heavily relies on Code Snippets to perform additional functions. Perhaps some can be revisited and incorporated into the plugin in the future.
    10. There is no public site (e.g., blog or knowledgebase site) where we can view SG’s future plans for this plugin. Would be nice to have one. Perfmatters (and other plugins) do offer this.
    11. The Details section of this plugin is heavily loaded with both technical and non-technical information. It keeps on growing as more issues and solutions are developed for this plugin. Perhaps this section can be simplified by transferring most data to SG’s knowledge base (with a reference or link to it in the Details section).
    12. There is no option for custom-scheduling our database maintenance. Daily, monthly, or on-demand options are not available. We’re stuck with weekly only.
    13. There is no option for generating AVIF images (lacking feature).

    Overall a good plugin, but offers a lot of room for improvement.

    Thank you for reading!

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  • Plugin Support Georgi Ganchev


    Hello @generosus,

    We appreciate your feedback and your suggestions. I can assure you that all opened threads were reviewed in detail and we have taken them into consideration when working on new plugin improvements and updates.

    Keep an eye on our forum for the latest plugin changes that we introduce with each new update.

    Best regards,
    Georgi Ganchev
    Tech Support Team

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