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  • I used free version of the plugin then upgraded to the pro version to try out the themes. In the end I din’t like the upgraded themes as they didn’t look good on my site, so opted for the basic version.

    All was fine for a few months until I added a total of around 20 testimonials. The page with the shortcode became very slow compared to not using the plugin, and in spite of using a VPS server, W3TotalCache plus MaxCDN caching, the page would be slow to load when rotating 20 + testimonials.

    I contacted ‘support’, who advise me to randomly display fewer testimonials. In other words, don’t use the plugin to display lots of testimonials….. not good for a ‘premium’ plugin.

    I asked for a refund but Richard said he won’t refund as I’ve used the plugin for too long (8 months).

    I’ve deleted the plugin and now display a page of testimonials instead. Easy for the reader, rather than a ‘workaround’ of displaying a handful of testimonials in random order (which fails to display my client feedback, defeating the point of using a testimonials plugin!).

    I wouldn’t mind, but this plugin is one of the most expensive plugins around. My advice if you do upgrade to the pro version is to really test the plugin, add as many testimonials, even just test reviews, and see how it performs, and do this as soon as you purchase the plugin because other than recommendations which reduce the usefulness of the plugin, forget a refund. And if you use the free version, you get no support anyway……buy, test hard, get a refund right away if not happy….or don’t bother using in the first place.

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  • Plugin Author richardgabriel


    Hey Jonathon!

    I just wanted to follow up here, to say my piece!

    First, thanks for using the plugin! I’m happy you had 8 months of happiness (or at least, 8 months without contacting us and using the plugin.)

    I’ve talked to countless users, and also use the plugin on several sites, but don’t know of anyone who loads 20 testimonials into a slideshow without expecting a slight load time. That being said, I’m surprised that the steps you’ve taken don’t have an impact – there isn’t that much to load!

    Before we were able to proceed further in conversation, you shot down any recommendation I made (I’m not positive how you are intending to use the plugin, I was thinking that you had a few key testimonials being displayed and thus the suggestion of displaying just a few made sense, as you would display the full list in a List view or Grid view, not a fading widget that takes time for each testimonial to display.) So, perhaps I didn’t make the right suggestion, for you, but you may be making a snap judgement from that.

    As stated via our conversation, our payment processor does not allow refunds beyond 60 days. Further, our internal policy has been at 90 days. At 8 months of use, you fall outside of these windows. However, we did consider your report none the less. We did offer you a full credit towards any of our other products, to compensate as we cannot process a refund via our payment processor, however you didn’t respond.

    I agree with Jonathon – definitely test the plugin! The Free version will certainly let you display a slideshow of 20 testimonials – you don’t need to upgrade for that. Test everything and be sure you are investing your money in the right product for your needs. I trust that many of you, like our other users, will find you are making the right decision.

    I do appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback, Jonathon.

    All the best,

    Sorry Richard but I disagree with your comments.

    First of all, I did not ‘shoot down your recommendation’ – I disagreed with cutting back the number of testimonials was a solution, it was a compromise, nothing more.

    Yes I did make a judgement based on your suggestion, and in spite of various attempts to resolve the matter before contacting you, the Javascript on the plugin was the issue.

    That’s fine about the refund, I did say this to you in my email, I asked and you declined.

    I think suggesting that the I hadn’t purchased the right product is a bit disingenuous on your part – I’ve been using WordPress, themes and plugins for long enough to appreciate the good and the bad, and I’m savvy enough to figure out what I require to meet a specific requirement or task.

    I was quite clear in that I purchased the pro version for the themes ad support. But after upgrading my website earlier this year (after buying your plugin) I found the styles were not suitable. No problem at that stage until I tried using the rotator.

    The big issue is the JS of the plugin. I found it caused problems and your ;solutions’ noted above would not have resolved this.

    My feedback is based on my own experience of the plugin. That others may find the plugin works without problems is irrelevant – the bottom line s this is an expensive plugin, and when it doesn’t work efficiently there’s nothing you can/will do. Buyer beware.

    Plugin Author richardgabriel


    Hey Jonathon!

    Thanks for sharing! I do hope the rest of your experience with WordPress and the community is more pleasant and I’m sorry we weren’t able to work things out.

    I do genuinely wish you all the best, regardless of our disagreement here.

    – Richard

    Thanks Fowler – you helped me make up my mind NOT to use this plugin. Feedback from experienced users are incredibly useful.

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