• I have been a long time MailPoet user going back to the days of WYSIJA. While the plugin has served me and my clients well over the years, it has always been cumbersome wading through the constant barrage of splash pages, surveys, nag screens, and advertising for the “premium” version. We need to work efficiently, send us an email if you want to tout your “upsells”.

    Now the folks at MailPoet have declared that our server MUST be running php 7 in order for their plugin to run. Um, no. I am not willing to even CONSIDER making that kind of change and risking other things not working properly so you can have all the nice features that may come with that change. Nor am I willing to drop everything I’m doing to move my business forward while checking compatibility with php 7 on every one of those sites.

    Note to plugin developers: you don’t dictate what we do, you serve our clients … the more invisible you are to webmasters and end users (the fewer interruptions you cause) the better.

    So thanks for many good years, and thanks for finally forcing me to find a better tool to handle the tasks related to newsletter administration and subscriber recruitment / management. If you are wondering what’s replacing Mailpoet on my 40+ client sites, search newsletter in the repository and look for the plugin that has a higher star rating (with three times as many reviews) and about 4 times as many installations.

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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