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  • effective plugin completely ruined by the most intrusive annoying popups, mags and advertising with no obvious way to turn them off.

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  • Plugin Support MixHa


    Hi keniry ,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    However it is unclear what popups you were writing about – because Copy Delete Posts plugin shows only one popup when the plugin is installed, and that popup is never shown again. There are no other popups displayed by our plugin.

    Could you please provide a screenshot of what you meant?

    Kind regards

    Thread Starter keniry


    Gidday Mixha,

    thanks for your reply;

    here are 3

    I want to add that I really like the solid way the plugin works – but I always deactivate it after use because of the annoying popup on hover on an admin screen.

    While I realise this is might be helpful for some people for someone who spends so much time in the admin panel this is really really annoying for one field on the posts admin screen to decide it’s OK to popup if I hover over it.

    Imagine if every admin extension did this ?

    If I could turn this off as an option – 5 starts! it’s otherwise perfect


    Plugin Support Nick


    Wow, thank you @keniry for actually providing those screenshots! It shows that you are serious (many reviewers just leave a negative review and never respond).

    Alright, so the first pop-up should only appear once, after activation of the plugin. Click on “Skip” (or “Allow & Continue”, i.e. here should hide it forever.

    The second one isn’t so much a pop-up, but basically the introduction to how the plugin works. Click on “Got it, close intro!” (here should hide close the intro forever.

    Regarding the third one, that is only shown when there is some sort of issue on your server, e.g. copying of posts isn’t as fast as it could be. In any case, clicking on any of those options should hide it forever too.

    Can you confirm that it hides all the three pop-ups permanently after click on the respective buttons?

    Thread Starter keniry


    Hi Nick, yes well I use my reviews sparingly…. and yest it does

    I want to use it its the best out there excepting for unnessary huge hover over pops.

    …then because I always deactivate it after use, I get some on the big pop ups come back.

    why not just have an option to turn these all off then you have the best plugin


    Plugin Support Nick


    Ok, we may look into that, however the key point here is that you always deactivate the plugin after use, which is quite unusual. Isn’t it quite a hassle to do that every time? What’s the reason why you don’t leave the plugin activated?

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