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  • OneSignal works well, but they could be more upfront and transparent about what users are signing up for.

    From their Privacy Policy:

    OneSignal’s provides SDKs to mobile app developers and websites, and data and analytics services to other data partners and advertisers.

    Information Collected About End Users by Our Mobile SDKs

    • Apps an End User has installed and enabled, and how it has used an App (e.g., session duration, time-stamp)
    • Purchases made within an app.
    • Information about End User’s transactions and interactions with apps and websites
    • Mobile advertising identifiers, such as iOS IDFAs and Android Advertising IDs (“Mobile IDs”). These Mobile IDs may be associated with other Information, including with Data Segments.
    • Precise Location information, generally an End User’s lat/long data (i.e., GPS-level data) or WiFi information, which we may associate with Mobile IDs, and which may be collected whether or not an app is in use.
    • Email address, which we may (in our discretion) hash or otherwise deidentify.
    • IP address as well as system configuration information
    • Information associated with or related to devices, such as device type (e.g., mobile, tablet); type and version of operating system (e.g., Android, iOS); network provider; mobile browser (e.g. Safari, Chrome, etc.); language setting; time zone; and network status type (such as WiFi).

    Sometimes, the SDK Information may be used (by us or ad and data platforms we work with) to resolve identities across multiple devices, such as to match IP addresses or hashed emails to link an End User across (for instance) browsers, mobile devices, tablets, set top boxes, or other devices.

    We may provide End Users’ email addresses (which we generally “hash” or render non-human readable) to online data platforms that “match” this information to online cookies or Mobile IDs in their system, and tie the information (or associated IDs) to further interest-based or demographic data about End Users. This may be done, for instance, to target advertising or provide analytics to brands and other companies.


    Personally I found this too invasive so I´ve switched to PushCrew which was easier to set up as well.

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  • Nothing is free. Everything comes for a cost and the cost here are the ones you have mentioned above. Nothing wrong in that but they could’ve been more upfront and transparent about it as you had suggested.

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    Well, here’s an excerpt from their site –

    FAQ :

    It’s free; how does OneSignal make money?

    We make money by using the data we aggregate to improve web and mobile experiences. We also offer custom solutions to enterprise clients

    Thanks pointing this out.

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