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    It does what it says well, but there are areas where it is difficult to block all mail.

    Some spammers using their own (dubious) domain keep creating new subdomains to bypass this system. There should be a means of blocking ALL subdomains of a particular domain, as well as just the main domain. Otherwise, you are constantly adding the subdomains, by which time they have probably moved onto using another.

    Some spammers use throwaway gmail or similar addresses with lots of full stops, eg: th.rowa.way.ad.re.ss@example.com and it would be useful to be able to block all addresses with, say, more than two full stops in them.

    Another useful feature would be to block specific country letters, i.e. all domains of a particular country. Certain countries would never visit my site other than to spam.

    With the above features, I’d give it five stars!


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