• Good plugin however, if you forget to add a question and need to add it and move it up to a specific spot in the survey, it won’t happen. I forgot to add a question and went in to edit and added it which was no problem. It puts the added question on the bottom and I tried 3 times to move it up to question #2 and it moved it but when you click “Save” it puts it back on the bottom. I tried 3 times and no luck so you best get your survey complete and final the first time because if you need to add a question and move it to a specific place in the survey, it’s not happening.

    Also worth noting that if you do need to move a question it takes forever. You can only move it up the space that’s in your screen view and since you can only view 2 or 3 questions per screen, it takes forever if you have 15-20 questions like i do; you move a 3 positions then wait for it to set then move another 3 positions the wait for it to set and move another…… and so on. I paid premium so i could add more than just a few questions and now i’m sorry i did. I wasted about an hour of my day yesterday that i didn’t have simply trying to move a question from the bottom to where i wanted it.

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  • Plugin Support Jasmine


    Dear @tperri1962,

    Thank you for your rating.

    I am sorry for the problem you are experiencing.

    I want to mention, that both the Development and Support Teams are always ready to check any problem you are experiencing and provide a solution accordingly.
    So, instead of a rating, it would be much for acceptable, if we could have a chance to investigate your case and provide a solution accordingly.

    Please contact us via this form for further investigation of your case. Our Support Specialists are ready to provide you with the fixed zip file as soon as possible.

    As to the second case.
    You can make use of the Collapse feature the plugin offers to make your work easier on the Survey Edit page.

    See the screenshot below:

    Thank you.

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