• My client kept getting a nag message to update to premium, all the time, no cookie, you will have a permanent message on your dashboard. I guess a small price to pay. Also, he couldn’t update from the update page, it just kept popping up the PREM message. He had to contact me, I had to figure it out and we wasted time. A bit irritating again, but for a free product, fine. Nags shouldn’t be permanent and updates shouldn’t be blocked anywhere. Add premium features that make it a no brainer, don’t up the annoyance factor. That’s just my 2 cents.

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  • Plugin Author giannis4


    Hi Brian,

    Sorry to hear that! It sounds like a bug, and it should not happen. Could you please let me know what version you were using?

    There was a bug with version 1.2.0. and the plugin could not update the WP directory. That should not happen with newer versions.

    Also, the update to premium notice should be hidden after you close it the first time. There is a flag in the database for storing it (to avoid using cookies). It uses AJAX, though, could there be a JS problem on your client’s page that prevented the AJAX function from running?

    Best regards,

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