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    I’ve been using add link to Facebook for over a year now for a volunteer/community organization website. Generally the plug-in works great, but how Facebook treats the posts it makes is somewhat disappointing.

    My situation may be unique, so I’ll describe setup for purpose of review. This is not a technical question. I have my group page attached to my personal Fb profile. The plug-in handles this wonderfully and posts to the correct page as required.

    But when I look at the Page Insights on Facebook, the “automatic” posts receive a fraction of the views (reach) compared to posts typed in directly on Facebook’s web interface. I don’t think this is a bug in the plug-in, but rather Facebook demoting certain types of posts made by apps as part of their algorithm.

    The app works fantastic. Replies on Facebook come back as comments on the posts. I highly recommend it.

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    nice info and this will make sure i do not use this plugin not the plugin authors fault just crumby facebook which is slowly becoming another myspace but they are doing it on the sly ….or so they think …. step up the next social media genius who ever you may be?



    How often Facebook shows your status, including automatically added ones, depends mainly on your Facebook history and how others like(d) your messages. If you have added a lot of links in the past that did receive no or just a few likes, then Facebook will display newly added links less frequently. Some people add dozens of links per day or even hour. This will work, but don’t expect that Facebook displays them often. The same happens with manually added links. Research in the past has shown that Facebook only shows your messages to about 12% of your friends on average. If I remember correct there is a link in the FAQ about this.

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