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    I downloaded this originally from EDD’s website.

    This is the only automatic close store plugin that I could find for Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) as I need to close my store (the checkout part) once a week. Had an issue and the EDD team got it fixed. I added a time schedule to close the store and it works.

    It does need more features though, such as having a notification bar appear when store is closed (front-end) as right now the message is added over the buy/checkout buttons. Meaning, if your Buy/checkout buttons say “Purchase now”, it will be replaced by your custom message, such as “Store is closed today, come back tomorrow and you’ll be able to checkout!” So, the buttons are very wide now.

    I suggested for them to add a feature where the buttons remain the same but upon clicking them a pop-up appears with a message that store is closed, or you’re taken to another page where a message is displayed.
    Or, add a notification bar on top of website somehow or a pop-up floating around the site.

    Great plugin nonetheless!

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