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  • UPDATE: Aaaaand I found yet another super frustrating thing with this plugin.
    I go into woocommerce and enter “Test Mode” so I can test my checkout experience. I process some dummy orders using the fake Visa/MC numbers woo provides and wouldn’t you know it I start getting emails that Printful is processing all these orders for real! It charged my credit card for all these dummy orders! Apparently Printful isn’t integrated enough to know when woo is in “test mode” and using dummy CC numbers. WOW. I did not see that coming. So, I go into Prinful and I cancel the orders like 5 minutes after they were placed. But my CC is still being charged. I talk to support and they insist there is no way to cancel the CC charged because they are “real” orders from their perspective, but not to worry they have refunded my Printful wallet. So then I have to go in and withdrawal from my Printful wallet back to my CC which can take 3 business days. It’s just a ridiculous process all around and not user friendly at all.

    The plugin “works”, but it can be so so so frustrating at times. When I go to support to try to figure something out they usually give me some really janky workaround. For instance, I had to switch servers and so I created a new website (with the same domain), and I figured since I already uploaded all my products to printful that I would easily be able to just reconnect and resync it all to my new woocommerce integration, but no, you have to actually re-add every single product, and re-create every single variable. There is no “resync to a new store” for all your existing products. You have to recreate everything all over again – the support said, “actually you don’t have to recreate it all, you just have to create a template for every single product and then reload that template into the new store.” Which, yes works, but its just as time consuming as having to redo it all! Especially if you’re dealing with Attributes and Variations, its a real headache.

    Another example: Create a mockup for a canvas or frame and select multiple sizes and in the mockup generator adjust the image to fit the size you want for the frame. However, depending on the image and the sizes you are trying to use, you can’t actually adjust each size individually, it adjusts the mockup image for every size, even if that isn’t the size selected – if you adjust the image, it adjusts it for all, which is super frustrating. So I contact support and they say, “what you actually have to do is do the mockup for the 12×12″ canvas, and then save that product, then go back in, all the way back to the beginning, and add a variation for that product, NOW you can go back in and adjust the 16×16” image you want for that canvas. It’s like death by a thousand papercuts when it comes to efficiency. So if I want to create 3 different sizes for canvas, I basically have to create that product 3 different times, instead of being able to do it all in one go in the initial product setup. If it doens’t make sense, it’s because it doesn’t really make sense.

    If you have a single art file you want to put on canvas, poster, and framed, and even if they are all the same size, lets say 12×12, you have to go through an unholy process between woocommerce/printful/attributes/variations to make it all work so it shows as a single product on the store. Your other option is to just list them all as separate products but then your shop page is full of the same image being repeated over and over. It’s just a super frustrating process to try to go through.

    At the end of the day, so far, it still seems to work, but so many things will make you want to pull your hair out. I went with Printful after doing research because they seemed to be the “biggest” around the world, but I have to imagine that a competitor is hot on their heels given how frustrating printful can be to integrate with.

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  • Hi!

    Thank you for sharing your experience.
    We’re sorry to hear that it has been a troublesome road. While we do our best to streamline the process and ensure the best possible service when it comes to integrations, it is not just Printful setup, it is also the technical restrictions and limitations of the eCommerce platform and how the connection works with us.
    There are some platforms that are faster to set up, some like Woocommerce have more customization options that have trouble translating well within Printful’s features. We continue growing and with the help of our users and your feedback, we are able to make the necessary changes to make store management easier and more efficient.

    Thank you for sharing these examples!

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