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  • martywmaine


    Works fine, pretty easy to use. Pretty intuitive user interface. Shows up well on my Galaxy 4S, too, except as noted

    I haven’t fine tuned it so maybe the slide show shows the actual image size. Wish I could say how big I want the image.

    Just checked my phone and perhaps this is in the settings too, but the thumbnails are too large for the display when the phone is held vertically so that a good third of the photo is covered up. Actually the silmstrip covers of the picture on the desktop, too, just not as much. You should have the option of having the filmstrip entirely below the picture.

    I would also like to control the picture size so I could have the slide show with film strip on the side with text on the other side, sort of like the Portfolio works in the Virtue theme, but I want the slide show. This may be available to but just haven’t figured it out.

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