• jkocken


    I installed this plugin and have been using it for a while. It’s easy to setup and get started. I would give 5 stars for that but there are two things…

    1. The plugin is not (yet) compatible with the latest WordPress release. I had to undo my update because this plugin doesn’t work with the latest release of WordPress (I guess it’s coming soon so I will wait with the update).

    2. The variations work perfect for the SHOP pages but on the single product page I have upsells which show up similar to the shop page, I would assume the variations should act the same for those upsell products but it doesn’t. The variations just show up as a long list instead of dropdown selector and none can be chosen. Also the “add_to_cart” button does not seem to work now.

    For the moment I have removed upsells from all my single product pages as the shop pages are more important functionality to me. But it would be good if the plugin can be used also for upsell products in the single product page. (I use Elementor and Woocommerce)

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