• Bart Kuijper


    This plugin has served me well for years already. After reading some of the negative reviews, I felt the need to post a positive one.

    My impression of most of the negative reviews is that those come from people that haven’t properly read the plugin’s features or from people that didn’t get the plugin to magically do exactly what they wanted within two minutes and then blamed the plugin. In other words, I feel most bad reviews are undeserved.

    Anyway, onto my own review. Like I said I’ve been using this plugin for years and I’m perfectly happy with it. I’ve never had any single problem with it. Yes the features and capabilities of the free version are basic, but it’s perfect for my use case (restricting certain pages to logged in users).

    The only issue I’ve had is when using this plugin combined with the W3 Total Cache plugin with browser cache enabled. This lead to users seeing the “you need to be logged in” message on a restricted page that they had already visited before logging in. But I found a workaround for that which also increased the user friendliness of my site in the process.

    What I did was I altered this plugin’s “Restricted Message” to include a login prompt like so: <p>You need to be logged in to view this part of the website.</p><p>[not_logged_in][login-form][/not_logged_in]</p>. This way a user can log in on any restricted page, instead of having to navigate to the login page and then back to the page they wanted to view, which would then be served from the browser’s cache and still display the “you need to be logged in” message unless the user manually reloaded the page. Since the act of logging in forces a reload of the page you’re on, the actual content automagically appears, instead of the browser serving up the cached page.

    This is exactly the kind of issue that I’ve seen other users blame this plugin for, when in reality it’s due to an interaction between this and another plugin. So take it from me, this plugin works. And if it appears it doesn’t, it’s worth investigating, because most likely there is something else going on that’s causing it.

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  • Plugin Author mordauk


    Thank you so much for the review and kind words, we really appreciate it!

    Bart Kuijper


    You are most welcome! This plugin is essential to my website, it’s free and it’s never let me down. The least I could do was leave a review. Thank you and I wish you and yours a great 2020!

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