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  • I’m an IT consultant, web host, and part-time developer. I’ve worked with Apache for years. I figured that setting up my own revamped site to use a mix of secure and unsecure pages would be a snap. After all, it’s just a few lines of url rewrites in .htaccess or in httpd-vhosts.conf, right?


    WordPress fights this tooth and nail. I resisted installing a plugin for this, as it just seemed so dang simple. After several hours (no kidding) of seemingly endless frustration, I installed WordPress HTTPS and within minutes, I had the sensitive parts of my site forced to SSL.

    It would have been great if the developers of WP-Client included this functionality in their Pro version, but they did not. In fact, they don’t even mention it (and they should). Adding a simple url filter (“/portal/”) forced all of my client portal pages to SSL. Checking the box to force SSL administration handled the back end, and finally, checking the box to force my contact page to SSL even set that for me, while leaving the public portions of the site outside SSL and more responsive to visitors.

    Great job!

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  • Hi Lewis, fancy meeting you here 🙂
    was just checking into this plugin and noticing that it hasn’t been updated in a while, and that there are a lot of unanswered support requests…do you have any idea if this plugin is still supported?

    Your review certainly goes a long for me, so I will give it a go in any case!


    Hey, Jenny!

    I don’t know offhand whether this plugin is indeed actively maintained. I do know that it really does do what it portends; I spend a considerably (alright, an embarrassingly) long amount of time trying to just get my re-writes in place, when I finally threw in the towel and got this plugin.

    Now, when a user selects the login menu option, we immediately switch to SSL (and stay there after login), and hitting the contact form menu item likewise encrypts.

    This is one of those plugins that – as long as it continues to work with newer versions of WP – I’ll probably have around for a long time.

    Give it a shot. I’ll peruse the support threads when I get a moment; perhaps there are a couple of poor souls I may be able to assist there. 😉



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