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Works only on one subdomain

  • I have been running my blog at http://www.matt-fletcher.co.uk/blog/ for about a year now without problems. But today I came to view the blog, and it says “No results found”. I logged in, and there are also no posts shown in the site admin.

    I then happened to visit http://matt-fletcher.co.uk/blog/ and found that all the posts were still there! The “www” is just set up as a CNAME to the domain without the www, so I cannot imagine why WordPress would respond differently. In the options, the wordpress address and the blog address are both set to http://www.matt-fletcher.co.uk/blog

    Any ideas? This has really stumped me.

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  • I see the blog at both addresses. Could it be a DNS issue or some intermittent issue with your host?

    Yes, I see the blog itself, but I get a “no results found” message on www.

    I.e.: No posts are shown. Do you see it normally?

    Yes. I’m seeing posts on both with no errors. In Internet Explorer and Firefox, so it’s probably not a browser issue.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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