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  • Hi, I have just began to build my own website. For some unknown reason my title appears to be working fine on Mozilla firefox which I use with firebug however on Google chrome and IE my title won’t show. I am assuming it is related to css or plugins. My knowledge of css is very limited so if you could give me a step by step guide I would be very grateful.

    If you need anything else please ask me.


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  • We would need a link to your site so we can check it out. Thanks!

    Hi Dkotter, it is I know it is a bit of mess but I have just started.

    Okay the problem is your main title is actually an image, and the path to the image is not correct. So in Firefox it is showing the ALT text of that image, where as in other browsers it is just showing a broken image link.

    So to fix it you’ll either need to fix the path to the image, or if you don’t want an image, get rid of the reference to the image and replace it with text.

    I have the same problem, well I’ve had many and I have overcome most but here’s an odd issue. I can visit my site that is published only through my firefox browser. When I go to the url through IE or Chrome it says it cannot find the url or the server does not exist.

    I’m dumbfounded at this because I can see it fully from FF and this should not be happening. Is it my browsers or have I just not done something that crucially needs to be done to publish completely.

    I redirected my subdirectory to the url itself so that it can be accessed simply…


    and the actual url for the site is here

    Please help… I’m new!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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