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    I gave up trying to get the standalone buttons to work, maybe Theme related, who knows, but I was able to get the Universal button to work…sorta. It works fine on the desktop, but when I select the Universal button on my smartphone there are a couple of problems. First, instead of getting the list of each social media presented with both text and the graphical icons, on my smartphone it is only text based. Secondly, when I select one of those text based social media items on the smartphone, it never takes me to the actual social media page (Facebook, Google+, etc.). Instead, I get a page with a couple of menus, one which has the menu items “Get Customize FAQ Blog Contact” and a couple of text sentences, one which is “The world’s best sharing platform”.

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    Good details. Clearly, your device is unable to reach due to either software on your device or its Internet connection.

    Do you have some type of content blocker installed that is filtering out Try loading this share button image to test.

    If the issue is not software-related, try a different Internet connection.

    SOLVED: Thanks, you hit the nail on the head. It was software (Adaway) blocking the site. I disabled Adaway and it worked. Just for the heck of it I then re-enabled Adaway and it still worked; apparently when the host file was rebuilt during the re-enable process it fixed something.

    On a side note, I am curious…Do you think the reason I can’t get individual buttons to work has something to do with my Theme (just guessing here)? The reason I am asking is that I tried two other social media plugins before I got to yours and they didn’t work either (as in the buttons didn’t show up on the page at all or were distorted). For some reason your Universal button works fine.

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    AdAway, weird. Perhaps you were temporarily subscribed to one of those social media blocking lists?

    Standalone buttons are rarely ever a problem. I see you reviewed here and were using Twenty Ten. Standalones certainly appear in the default Twenty Ten theme without a hitch.

    If you can point to your site that would help pinpoint the cause.

    A shot in the dark: Do the standalone buttons (Facebook, Twitter), appear selected in AddToAny settings? If they’re selected and changes to settings save successfully, it’s probably a server-side caching issue, so try purging any caches.

    Also, are you pages validating?

    Thanks. I will try all those things when I get a chance.

    I rebuilt my entire website from scratch this week with a new theme, and the standalone buttons work now. FYI, on my desktop, Adblock Plus blocks any buttons from showing up. After disabling Adblock Plus for my web site, the buttons appear again. Makes me wonder how many people come to my website and don’t see the buttons, as Adblock Plus is the #1 plugin for Firefox with over 20 million users, and I am sure that they wouldn’t notice that it is blocking the buttons. Well, you can’t have everything.

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    Depends which filter list(s) you subscribe to. Social buttons are not blocked by default.

    I didn’t change any defaults; all I did was install Adblock Plus.

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