• There are a few things that need a little more finesse, but the program works and the support is outstanding!!!

    I only have the “advanced” version so I don’t know about all of the features that don’t come with that. Once sales support it, I will upgrade and check out the rest of the features you get with “Pro”. I expect they will be just as good as what you get with advanced.

    I would say that with time this plugin will be the best out there. Just needs a few tweaks on usability. Like, where to find things you are looking for. Once you know where they are it’s easy but they don’t immediately seem obvious that that is where you would find that thing you were looking for. Not a big deal, because as I said, once you know then it makes sense and is there.

    And the support is better than any I have ever encountered. Just make sure you go through the site “contact us” form for the initial contact.

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