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  • Resolved Jeffrey Powers


    Look at this page in Firefox, then in IE.

    In IE, anything after the article is not showing up. I have tested on a couple computers and got the SAME RESULTS.

    MORE IMPORTANT: When I first noticed the error, it prevented my home page from loading. You would see the title of the article and the page would end. The source code would show up in full.

    When I go to the editor, I get the following:

    Line 4
    Char 2
    Error 'dbxGroup' is undefined
    Code 0

    The title was longer than what it is now, so I shortened it. No change. I shortened the URL also, but still no change. I then unpublished, then published the article but got no change.

    Finally, when I removed all the text and saved, then brought the text back and saved again, the front page ( would properly load, but the current issue that we see above is happening.

    I have disabled all plugins and also went back to the default theme. The problem is consistant.

    I have tried the issue in IE, Firefox, Safari and Opera. IE is the only browser that does this.

    Since it’s not affecting the homepage anymore, it’s not a big issue, but I am afraid the issue may pop up again.

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  • I found it had to do with extra code inserted by the clipboard. I edited out the code and all is well.

    I had teh same issue. I imported my rough draft from Word using the button on the editor. It kept all teh MS crap code and screwed up my display.

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