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  • Zeshan Ahmed


    I got to work with MyCred plugin when one of my clients needed to integrate it on their subscription-based website.

    They wanted to setup it so the customers can pay the subscription fees using their MyCred points.

    I must say that it was very smooth to integrate and straight forward.

    My client also wanted to extend a few features of the plugin and when I developed it, development on top of this plugin was easy.

    Highly recommended and I’m sure gonna use it again on future projects.

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  • Hi Zeshan,

    I am very surprised to see your comment – especially as it sounds like I am the client who asked you to do this work and you didn’t do it at all. You simply referred me to the new plugin owner and told me to ask them to do the work. I asked them directly and nobody ever replied to me.

    Your 5 star review is even more worrying as the plugin owners offer no support to anyone and the plugin itself is broken and unsupported. I have just left a review out of frustration about it. I advise you to check the Mycred plugin forum 1.8 Beta to see how many owners are having problems and how many posts have been ignored.

    Hi @dhilm001, thank you for your response to my review here.

    It’s very sad to hear that no one responded to you from this plugin.

    Just to clarify things from my end here:

    Firstly, I worked on the staging site of your website and spent many hours integrating this plugin there and it worked smoothly for me for the time I spent testing it.

    Then, if you remember, there were many changes to the original scope I gave you my estimate for. Eventually, after around 3 months of discussion, we could not proceed with the project. During that time, I spent a lot of hours (unpaid) to test the plugin as I mentioned above and made sure that it fits your website environment before we proceed.
    What I tested and worked on was correct. It sure required custom development to implement new features as requested in your original scope.

    Finally, after 3 months, I referred you to this plugin owner because I was completely booked before we could start the project. I thought that they would respond and help you better with the project since they are the developers of the plugin. I can only refer you to someone but I cannot guarantee it will work out or not.

    I wrote to you a message referring to the plugin’s developers and also mentioned that if you have any questions for me, you can let me know anytime. However, I didn’t receive any answer from you so I thought everything is fine.

    Again, I’m very sad and sorry to hear that it didn’t work out for you and that you received no responses.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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