• Installed this because it DID prove to be a bit faster than the OEM plugin. Then WP had updates and it seems that this has fallen out of sync. WP is now up to v 5.9.x and the last tested version for this plug was 5.6.2 although it suggests its compatible up to v5.7.5. Arguably, it seemed to work even at WP v 5.8.1, but shortly after that around WP v5.8.3 the wheels fell off.

    At checkout, users started experiencing an apparent conflict w/ the auth.net woo payment gateway plugin and caused a particularly nasty dialog screen to appear making users skittish about completing the order.

    Unfortunately, the problem was intermittent and threw no PHP errors. And it was made harder to isolate as there were actually two plugins causing similar fails post november 2021 updates to WP. We eliminated the other plugin, but took us a while longer to isolate this issue.

    If you’re using auth.net as a gateway, you might want to avoid until it gets updated. As I said, worked, until it didn’t. If you’re not using woo/auth.net you might be ok.

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