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  • Ty for much I love how easy it is to set up!!! I love this plugin

    HINT!!!!! if you want login popup in the nav menu

    simply just add
    <a href="/wp-login.php" class="simplemodal-login">Login</a>

    under menu-custom links, the trick is to put the code under Navigation Label and leave the URL blank. So amazing that is has this feature really good job saved me countless hours.

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  • WOW! Thanks a ton @jordanmulkey! That works great!

    For those of you having a hard time, you can’t leave the URL blank when creating, but after it’s in the menu, you can go in and change it. I got stuck trying to figure that out for a couple minutes. I’m kind of a code noob.

    Did you guys need to do anything else? I installed the plugin, had no problem in entering the suggested href in a custom-links menu. However, all it does is bring up the standard WordPress login page, not the expected popup. Did you have to add anything to your theme? I’m wondering if jquery is not configured correctly, especially since the site I’m supporting has a completely custom theme for which they contracted. I’m pretty new to WordPress.

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    Actually, this is evidently an issue because of a conflict with our custom theme. I can switch to a supported theme and the plugin works simply as advertised, but of course our custom site is fairly garbled ;(. However, our custom theme ensures jQuery 1.9.1 and an expert who examined what was going on felt that SimpleModal Login wanted a jQuery version of 1.7 or less, which is not acceptable on our site. This plugin has not been updated for two years and I’m wondering if there are plans to update it so that it can work with our custom theme.

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