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    We got an AMP version of our website running quickly thanks to the free features on this plugin, thank you very much. For free I can’t complain.

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    Hello @tenleftfingers

    Thank you for your valuable and honest review, we are glad to have you our user.

    We always try to improve our plugin by taking users feedback seriously.

    If you have any then please let us know, we will try our best to implement it

    This issue has nothing to do with other plugin.

    So before passing judgement on others maybe you should think a little.

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    There are lots of people having these issues, not just users of this plugin. You can resolve remaining html inconsistencies you highlight from the custom AMP editor provided in the software. It’s often due to tags [tag] that don’t get converted properly. It’s not the fault of the plugin since they can’t know the tag system that every other plugin adds to your site.

    Honest reviews are important to other users and I don’t think you should be singing their praises in your case. But since it works “99% except for one big issue” leaving a one star review is unfair. That said, I hope the communication improves and you get to the bottom of your issue.

    Unfair how? It is obvious you did not watch the video or understand the issue. So leaving a 1 star rating is entirely fair. I like the program and may change my review later, what I won’t do is mislead anyone!!!!

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    Considering it’s the lowest you can go, 1 star gives the impression that the plugin is somewhere between useless and dangerous. If I was paying for something that didn’t work, I’d leave a one star as well. I just think you have a problem with your site and you don’t realize.

    I did actually watch your video. It’s logical that if both of your websites are “almost identical” that the same problem would manifest. I would not conclude that the plugin is problematic on everyone elses website, or that other websites must be ‘basic’ because you haven’t been able to solve it.

    As far os solving your problem goes, I don’t understand why you have amp codes on your standard page. I suspect it’s not converting those tags because it’s naturally not expecting them. See my page here, I have no amp tags in the desktop version: http://optimumhealth.ie/mindfulness-training/ and the amp version displays fine (append /amp to the end to see it). Did you add this amp code yourself?

    I would either include the working AMP code in the AMP page or correct the code on your original page so the plugin can do it’s job.

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    There you go you didn’t pay for it I did! You said you watched the video then you would have seen I’ve spent about 150 hours testing everything on both sites. You would have also seen that it works fine on on display one, display two, display three. And that issue is displaying the simple wordpress featured image.

    Not to be rude, but I guess the problem is to complex for you to understand that it is not in the site but in the template software. Otherwise why would 3 out of 4 work? But the one you need does not.

    Plugin Author Ahmed Kaludi


    Hi Glenn @nav60

    Thank you so much for such an honest and amazing feedback that you shared in your video, I totally agree with some of your points.

    We have such a big number of users that sometimes, its hard to assist each and every member with full attention. Your video helped me understand your point of view.

    Regarding the issue, I have created a ticket for this and we will be including this in the future updates of the plugin. The ticket is already assigned to a milestone and a team member, You can track the issue at https://github.com/ahmedkaludi/accelerated-mobile-pages/issues/2286

    Thanks again for using the plugin! and thank you for helping us improve the plugin!

    Have a good day!

    @nav60 I take it from the video that you’ve been using the swift design and yes there was featured image issue only in the swift theme but we’ve resolved it in the following ticket https://github.com/ahmedkaludi/accelerated-mobile-pages/issues/2136 you can just apply the commit on your end from the above ticket or you can wait for a little while as we’re scheduled to release an update within a day which will consist the solution to the featured image issue.

    @ahmedkaludi the issue has already been resolved and the solution will be in the plugin’s version 0.9.97 so you can close the ticket #2286.

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    @nav60, I owe you an apology. Sorry.

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