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  • Folks the message “Oh No!! You have custom_header activated in your functions.php. Open that file and remove:
    add_theme_support( ‘custom-header’ );” does not mean “trash your file.”

    1. Open up functions.php via your FTP program or a web editor (not a word processing program)
    2. Notice the lines with a hashtag (#), these are explanatory lines for the lines coming afterwards. In other words, putting a hashtag (#) at the beginning of a line of code stops the code from working
    3. Look carefully at functions.php. You will see a couple lines where it says:
    add_theme_support( SOMETHING OTHER THAN ‘custom-header’)
    So, do NOT delete these or put hashtags in front of that code
    4. Patiently find the EXACT line of code:
    add_theme_support( ‘custom-header’ );
    5. Put a hashtag at the beginning of the line (and the couple lines after it if you want, they are a connected little blob of code)
    6. Save (not as a word processing file or functions.php.txt, just plain old functions.php
    (if you do not know how to do this then learn that before you even think of editing any plug ins)
    7. Presto! You can now upload a logo (assuming you turned on “use an image logo instead of text-based logo in GENESIS –> THEME SETTINGS –> HEADER –> choose “Site Title/Logo”)

    Thank you for your time writing this cool plugin, Jonathan! (and other folks, everyone here is a volunteer, be respectful!)

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