• I was previously using the Easy Profile widget however it uses Gravatar. As I have multiple Gravatars, clicking the displayed image would take the reader to my base profile, which is undesirable.

    The Cresta Image In Widget works great and removed that issue. With this one, you can add any picture and choose various (scaled sizes) or “full” and use the base resolution of your image. Also you can have rounded corners on the image, displayed as a square. Curve radius is adjustable.

    I did have to add an HTML text link for “Read more…” as it’s not built in. The widget also saves the use of an additional plugin as you can control pages/posts/etc it is displayed on.

    TIP: As images are square, I used an image editor to cut a circular image from my image and saved as .PNG. This was the widget can display a circular image.

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